How To Go About A Kitchen Remodel

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The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in a home that is often remodeled to improve its general purpose and function. In fact, cooking in a remodeled kitchen becomes more easy, fun, and efficient. Also, most kitchen remodels pay off when you decide to sell your house. As the installations are new, they increase the value of your home. Furthermore, a remodeled kitchen will help you speed up the process of finding a ready buyer, as they are often looking for a modern and efficiently functioning home.

If you are planning to renovate or rebuild your kitchen, you have numerous choices before you. To successfully complete your remodel project, you need to understand your requirements and what you have available to make your choices accordingly. At Jensen Interiors, we have handled various commercial and residential projects for clients in Central Florida for over twenty years. With our expertise and years of experience, we can help you design an aesthetical and completely functional kitchen for your home. In this blog, we have explained a few points to help you get started on your kitchen remodeling journey.

1. Go to the showroom prepared
Take pictures and quick wall measurements before going to a kitchen appliance and remodeling showroom. These details will help you figure out exactly what you need for your home. Based on them, you can even evaluate what you need vs. what you want, and be practical and not buy unnecessary items.

2. Maintain balance
More than any room in the house, the kitchen needs to be practical and functional. Think about how you use your current kitchen to identify your priorities for the remodeled space. Make sure it balances the needs and values of your home. Remember to stick to your plan, and don’t get caught up in the excitement or let yourself get talked into things you don’t want or need.

3. Keep it simple
Stay with a simple design and standard level of granite for the best ROI. Large renovation projects often end up taking more time and money than you planned to spend, so it’s a good idea to aim for a conservative budget beneath your max budget to ensure there are extra funds if your project goes over.

4. Hire a licensed and insured professional
Trying to find the best contractor for your home remodeling project can seem like a daunting task. But, hiring a professional home remodeling contractor is always the right choice. Professional contractors have a license and are insured – two very critical ingredients to consider. A licensed and insured professional will ensure that you receive high-quality work and products.

5. Get a solid design before you ask for a final price
Anything custom-made always costs more than what you pick out from the showroom. But, custom items can be a smart investment for your money. That said, custom fixtures also require you to invest a lot of time into designing them. It is important that you get a solid design from an interior designer or contractor before you ask for a final price. This will help you decide whether to go with custom or standard designs.

6. Don’t ignore the signs
If you notice that cabinets are falling apart and countertops are scratched up from years of use, then you need to understand that your kitchen is in desperate need of some TLC. If these defects are ignored, they can turn into more serious issues down the line that will be more expensive to rectify. Your kitchen should be a warm and inviting space. It is one of the most important rooms in your house, so you should enjoy spending time in it.

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