A Beginner’s Guide To Beautiful Interiors

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Creating functional yet beautiful spaces is a tricky proposition that requires the harmonious combination of design expertise and installation or construction knowledge. Finding a one-stop-shop that brings ready-made interior design elements, along with the means to create functional, well-designed, and correctly executed spaces is a favor that should be sought after with due reverence. 

In our years of serving the Orlando community, we learned to adapt to change, keep moving forward, and maintain a highly customer-centric interiors approach. We are serious about delivering on the promise of the highest quality work possible, along with the advantage of fair price and all-around consummate service. We want to help you make your house a home, not hurt your bank balance while improving your quality of life through our expertise and interior products. 

The experts at Jensen Interiors are here to help you design and bring to fruition your wildest dreams and have put together a beginner’s guide to make your journey to a beautiful space a success.

Getting Started

Collect design ideas: Before you rush in and spend a bunch of money on something that doesn’t add functionality, visual value, make you happy, or least suit your space, it’s wise to take the time to consider your design options carefully. Figuring out exactly how much you want to spend and deciding on a design philosophy to follow are incredibly essential to create a beautiful space. Care should be taken that these elements are not overlooked.

Shop for turn-key solutions: At Jensen Interiors, we have you covered. Our five thousand square foot design showroom has it all. We provide the resources and installation expertise to make it happen, from hundreds of cabinet designs to thousands of granite colors. A one-stop-shop that gives you comprehensive interior solutions reduces transportation costs and will make your project genuinely hassle-free and easy to accomplish.

Next Steps 

Construction: Interior design features, depending on complexity and scale, can require actual construction expertise along with requisite materials. For example, projects such as flooring regularly need to be handled by trained construction professionals to prevent seepage and promote insulation. 

Installation: Products such as cabinetry, kitchen designs, and counter-tops are generally made to be installed in a preconceived fashion, taking dimensions and other pre-requisites into account to make it all fit seamlessly. Regardless, it is still essential to have a professional perform these tasks as their experience and knowledge dramatically improve the product’s reliability and lengthens the entire installation’s lifespan considerably. 

Advice From The Pros 

Be reasonable in your expectations: Americans pay television channels like HGTV and modern interior design programming to create an image of spatial improvements in minutes at costs less than is responsibly possible. These misconceptions are seriously detrimental as they don’t allow the right preparation, financial consideration, and serious planning. Be reasonable about your goals. Make sure you can afford not just to install but also to maintain the product and increase your home’s functional value. 

Take the advice of your contractor: In today’s world of DIY interior improvements and door delivery of products through online retailers like Amazon, it is easy to overestimate your capabilities and mess up a home improvement project. Given the fact, contractors build and executed numerous similar projects, taking their advice on installation procedures or employing their construction expertise is a smart and sure path to success, 

At Jensen Interiors, our goal is to exceed your expectations. As the go-to experts in Orlando, Florida, for all commercial and home interior design projects, you can feel confident building your dream home with us. We specialize in whole-home, bathroom, and kitchen improvements, counter-tops, and other various interior design elements to make your house a home. Visit our website to learn more, or contact Jensen Interiors today