Five Tips To Remodelling Your Kitchen

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Working in construction through the pandemic was quite challenging, primarily because there were rules around, people meeting one another in person. Many jobs that had to be coordinated in person, like hospitality or maintenance were affected, and people were unsure of getting through the pandemic without work. To assist with the process, we created a website with a list of all the services we provide and how we can assist people when getting through the process.

When we had to handle the actual work, we had to wait for the restrictions to be raised and can work in small numbers. Throughout the remodeling phase, we have to make sure our clients were comfortable about having us in their homes and that our teams were following all the rules put in place.

Many of our clients had no idea about the changes they had to get through when remodeling or making changes to their kitchen. We did not mind making changes to the process and handling it ourselves, but we wanted our clients to feel like they were a part of the process. We went ahead and created a list of steps and why they are important to assist our clients to go through the process so they know about the changes they are making. Here are five tasks that they should handle when they are remodeling their kitchen. 

Tip #1: Take pictures and measurements of your space
When you are working on remodeling your kitchen, you have to make sure you have the correct sizes measured. You should have the previous version of the kitchen documented as well, which is why you should always have pictures. You can always use the same pictures to get ideas of the kitchen, understand color palettes, or see if certain things could be used in the previous kitchen. When you are making changes to the kitchen, you have to make sure that you account for the same spacing to have a similar look. Otherwise, you have to make other changes to adapt to a new measurement or installation.

Tip #2: Research the new “look”
Read up on the new look, consider going through Pinterest boards to make sure the changes made match your thoughts on what it should look like. Furthermore, make sure that the colors you are using match and complement one another and consider using an app to see what the final product would look like. Most changes and renovations play well in your mind but might not be feasible. You can always work with a professional who would have information about the process.

Tip #3: Send all info to your contractor
Contractors working in the same line of work for a good amount of time have a decent idea of how to make changes and the type of new improvements they are working on. There are changes in design regularly, and contractors are the best to get through the process because they are always updated on the changes and reading about the new changes coming in. Additionally, pass your ideas through them. It will help them understand what you want, and if within reason, they can work on implementing it or provide alternatives to get through the process.

Tip #4: Be as detailed as possible about your “look” and layout
Details are important when it comes to providing some direction to the team that is handling the changes. If you are someone who is not completely invested in the changes taking place and trust that your contractor is suited to take the call, a vague idea of what you need will work. However, if you have an idea in your mind, you should provide as many details as possible so they can implement the dream kitchen to match your requirements. If aspects of the new kitchen design do not make much sense, cannot be executed, they would explain and provide the closest alternatives that make the process easier. The details in terms of the items and changes you want in the kitchen and colors and other additions are an important step in completing the renovation.

Tip #5: Make sure your contractor is a licensed General Contractor 
When you are working with a team, you have to make sure that they have a license. Many people pride themselves on being contractors, and they might have done some great work in the past. However, if there are any issues with the project and the contractor does not have a license, getting through the process and making changes can sometimes be challenging. Furthermore, you would be better suited to trust a licensed contractor than someone without one. Ensure that the team is insured because they should be able to assist if there are any issues or breakages with the new equipment or gadgets purchased for the kitchen.

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