How To Obtain A Quote From Contractors

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Once you have decided to get some building work done on your property, the first step is to get a quote from your contractor. However, working with contractors for home repair or renovation can be a tricky undertaking. This is why it is important that you insist on getting a proper and thorough quote from your contractor that defines and clearly states what is included and what is not included within the scope of work.

As experts in the field, we at Jensen Interiors have written down information on how we provide quotes to our clients for construction. Keep reading this blog to help you obtain a proper quotation from your potential contractor.

The first step is to take pictures and room measurements. This is very important. They don’t even have to be exact, just within an inch or two. This will allow us to get you an estimate which will enable you to develop a budget for your project and decide if you would like to continue. This saves a lot of time for you and us.

The next step is to send or bring your pictures and measurements to our showroom. We can show you the quality products we can include in your project. You can even start picking out the colors and products you want for your design. This will allow us to give you a quote for your project. If you want to start the project, then an initial deposit is required to begin purchasing materials. After that, we will conduct an on-site visit to continue the in-depth design process.

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