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Marble material is not commonly used by most homeowners in their kitchen because it has a higher price tag than other countertop materials. The marble countertops Orlando residents choose should regularly be maintained to maintain the elegant look. Marble countertops are also waterproof.

Jensen Interiors, Inc. is an established and well-known provider of quality marble slabs and products from around the world. As Orlando’s official one-stop shop for marble, our variety of styles and colors is unmatched.

What Are Marble Countertops Made of?

Marble derives from Limestone. When an immense amount of heat is applied, the crystalline structure that results is what you and I recognize as marble. This natural stone material is very durable and elegant. It also is cool to the touch, making it ideal for kitchens and other home areas where hot tools and pans may be placed.

What Colors Do You Carry?

We carry everything from standard white, black and gray to the more exotic colors such as red, blue and green to name a few. We carry numerous marble slabs and items from manufacturers from across the globe so if you seek something rare and one of a kind, we can show you exactly what you are searching for.

Where Can I Install Marble Countertops?

It is advisable that you hire the service of a professional when installing marble countertops as they must be cut utilizing special equipment and custom fit to ensure that they align perfectly with your existing structure and space.

A few popular area to place marble countertops in your Orlando home are bathroom counters, kitchen counters, in outdoor kitchen spaces, wet bars, and etc…this material will definitely stand the test of time and beautiful, even when hot items are placed on it.

How Much Do Marble Countertops Cost?

Price varies according to the colors and thickness of the granite. It is important to consult with a Jensen Interiors, Inc. staff member. Contact us here.

Which Is Stronger, Marble or Granite?

Marble is softer and more porous than granite, meaning that while it may resist heat, it may develop scratches on its surface after some wear. Granite generally costs more, so marble is the perfect way to add value to a home yet stay within a reasonable budget.

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