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Quartz is one of on the most durable and popular options when it comes to countertops. It lends an elegant touch to any kitchen and bathroom, and while it is an investment initially, it will last for decades in your home.

Why Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are approx. 80% granite/stone and 20% resin materials. Compared to other types of countertop materials, this is a relatively high number of granite/stone. It is generally used for interior countertops.

Colors and Thickness Options

Quartz can be found in an array of colors, although many colors outside of black, grey and white are considered exotic. Some colors are available in 2cm thickness as well as 3 cm thickness. The countertops can be laminated to produce a 4cm to 6cm thickness for an additional cost. The thicker the quartz, the more durable.

We offer all the std edges with our quartz countertops plus custom edge treatments as well to ensure that you complete the desired effect with your project.

Do You Carry Any of The Top Brands?

All over the world, there are a multitude of quartz manufacturers. Jensen Interiors, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Ceaser Stone, Silestone, Cambria, Pompeii, Zodiac, and others. These top brands have been providing top quality quartz for homeowners and builders alike for decades. We select the finest slabs and bring them directly to our store for your convenience.

Our goal has been realized of becoming THE one stop shop for all of these quartz countertops in Orlando. This means that rather than having to go to Home Depot to view some quartz style, and then a wholesaler, and etc… we offer all of the brands and types of quartz to fit your needs in one easy to find location. This not only saves you time but also money.

Can I Use It For My Backsplash?

We are able to provide full quartz backsplashes in a 4″ size or custom sized tile backsplash options. Contact us today to learn more about this beautiful option.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for quartz is dependent on the type of quartz chosen and the color. Some colors are more exotic than others, and the quality of the quartz (such as with any other material) is a major factor. Contact Jensen Interiors, Inc. Today! We love helping our community. Come by Jensen Interiors, Inc. today to view our large variety of Quartz countertops for sale in Orlando. We are your one stop shop for quartz!


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