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like hardwood flooring, stone floors add value to a home. While a bit more costly than vinyl, this natural and durable material will withstand the test of time.

One most important aspects of your home is the floor. Jensen Interiors, Inc. in Orlando, FL has some of the nicest stone flooring options you have been looking for to complete the perfect look. Stone flooring comes in different shapes and sizes, no piece is alike and it gives your home the right finishing touch. We will assist you every step of the way and make sure you are happy with your home.

Popular Types of Stone Flooring

Marble- It’s soft grain patterns and creamy colors that range from white to red, green and black. It’s polished to a high sheen that shows off its subtle beauty. Marble is prone to scratching and staining and looks just right in any room of your home.

Travertine- a sedimentary rock that comes in a wide range of shades from light cream to dark rust. Often travertine has an antique look.

Granite- an igneous rock, one of the hardest flooring materials. It is available in many colors and is found throughout the country.

Slate- metamorphic rock that is formed in layers, so it easily splits into thin sheets that are cut into tiles. Slate floor tiles can be left with their naturally rough surfaces or honed smooth. For color choices, slate tends to blend well with dark green, gray and brown.

Limestone- Striking grain patterns that, when cut into long, narrow tiles, resembles wood planks. Its a porous stone and should be protected with a quality stone sealer to prevent stains.

Find a stone, well put it in!

Jensen Interiors, Inc. is here to help you find what you are looking for, and incorporate your new stone flooring into your home design. Having new flooring in your home will make it feel brand new again. A complete fresh look, from on simple change! We believe in meeting all clients wants and/or needs and making their design dreams come true.

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